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The designers

The light "Stuccolight" was designed by Laura Schroeder and Jörg Virchow . Both studied at HAWK Hildesheim and were able to achieve initial success with common competition entries there.
Laura Schroeder studied Lighting Design and completed her studies in 2007. After a stopover in Berlin she is now working as a planner in a Hamburg based Lighting Design Office.
Jörg Virchow studied in the Department of Interior Architecture by the year 2004. After graduation he worked as a freelancer for various architectural firms and founded in 2009 the iTEKTUR UG .
Since the end of the course, the designers continued its interdisciplinary cooperation. The first succesfull design is the Glow Chandelier, which was presented to the public in early 2010 in Hamburg.

 The Office

The company iTEKTUR UG is based in Hanover. Many of the core competences of the company are used while working on the lighting projects. Besides the technical design 3D renderings and animation were created very early in the design process. Thus, the appearance and the spatial effect of the chandelier and the Stuccolight could already be checked in the design phase. This approach reduces the number of subsequent amendments, avoiding unnecessary work and costs.
In addition to the construction and visualization another field of activity of the iTEKTUR UG is in the range of interior design. There may already be looked back on a number of completed projects.
Information on the company and the lights can be seen on www.itektur.de