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  • Stuccolight combines decoration with direct light


    With their latest joint project "Stuccolight " Laura Schroeder and Jörg Virchow give a classical stucco strip a new function - as a lamp . Equipped with advanced LED technology, it adapts to any room concept .

    Stuccolight is the modern way of stucco bar. Behind the decorative shape hides a modular lighting series. Created and produced is Stuccolight by the emerging design duo Laura Schroeder and Jörg Virchow. In this new interpretation of the classic stucco strip Schröder and Virchow reconnect their professions lighting design and interior design, in the sense of elaborate room concepts. "With Stuccolight our customers can give their rooms a unique new flavor - a blend of classic and modern, from decoration and light," explains Jörg Virchow. It can be used for example in bars, hotels and restaurants.

    For the product launch Stuccolight is available in a straight classic design line. Then there should also be an opulent baroque version. The lighting design ranges depending on the customer requirements of dimmable monochromatic white light to a dynamic color RGB LED lines. Also on the program: a timer, so that, for example, hotel guests can wake up gently by light in a spa suite. "The large number of different lighting arrangements that are possible with the installation of Stuccolight, can be ideally suited to the different uses and the light colour, for example, can be adjusted to companies CI colour " said Laura Schroeder.

    The light is first presented from 31.3-5.4 in Frankfurt at the "Light + Building Fair" (Hall 5.1 / Stand D14) in Frankfurt.

    Schröder and Virchow have already celebrated with their upcycling project "Glow Chandelier“ success at trade fairs and exhibitions around Europe. Stuccolight is the culmination of this collaboration. Further projects are already being planned.